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Managing work related stress & change during COVID-19 

During these unprecedented times, it’s likely that you or your employees will have increased feelings of work related stress, job insecurity, isolation, anxiety or frustration.

If you are worried that you don’t have the tools or plans in place to manage work related stress during the Coronavirus crisis and support the wellbeing of your team, I can help. It’s time to pull together and find a safe and healthy way to navigate your organisation through this difficult time.

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The real cost of work related stress

Employees are not machines. They are real people. That may seem obvious, but sadly it’s a fact that is too often overlooked in business.

Think about your organisation…..

  • Could your team communication skills do with a boost?
  • Do you have a problem with sickness levels or staff turnover?
  • Are you dealing with grievance or disciplinary action?
  • Are your people just struggling to perform to the best of their abilities?
  • Are you adhering to Management Standards for work-related stress?

If any of these sound familiar, the chances are that the ‘human factor’ of working with real people has been side-lined. If someone feels under pressure, uncomfortable about change or stressed at work, their emotional response can have a material effect on their performance, or the performance of those around them.

You might start to see blame culture, team conflict or negativity. An ‘us and them’ attitude can develop towards senior management. People stop talking to each other.

These workplace stress issues can exist in every organisation, regardless of size, and can come with a very real cost in terms of absenteeism, underperformance and staff turnover.

As an experienced Stress Management Trainer, I can help your organisation address these problems and get back on track. I will break down the emotional barriers that are stopping your people from performing as they should.

Happy people = good business!

Why not get in touch to find out how I can help you and your colleagues to perform better?