About Me

Jan-MatthewsDrawing on 25 years of counselling and training experience, I specialise in supporting SMEs and charities with stress management, team communications and organisational change. I am an Associate of ISMA, the leading professional body for Stress Awareness, Prevention and Management here in the UK, and I have a strong belief that training should be practical and results driven.

My workshops and 1-2-1 sessions focus specifically on helping employees to tackle stress and to think and behave differently when things feel uncomfortable at work, whatever the reason.


A practical approach


Straight to the point
My techniques are grounded in theory, but I don’t use jargon or psychobabble. My workshops are straight-talking and practical, with clear outcomes. I get to the heart of the matter quickly, and give your people the skills they need to communicate more effectively and handle internal politics more positively. No beating about the bush.



I am passionate about banishing blame culture. My workshops are deliberately interactive so that participants experience for themselves what it feels like to think differently, challenge their own perceptions (or fears) and take responsibility for their behaviour. It’s about facilitating a real change.



A 360 Degree view
By working closely with employees and their leaders, I get a more rounded perspective on the root cause of any workplace problems. This helps me to unpick any ‘us and them’ attitudes that exist, and deliver training that tackles the specific issues in your organisation.



Being an external training provider allows me to stay impartial at all times. This offers useful reassurance for employees who might feel that change is being ‘done to them’ by their organisation, or who might otherwise be reluctant to discuss their concerns openly and honestly.


orangeicons_resultsReal results
I understand that time is money and business moves quickly. That’s why my training is delivered in concise packages that deliver real results. Each one tackles a single issue – Stress Management, Building Resilience, Coping with Change, Team Communication or Positive Thinking. Staying focused means training is quick and effective.

It’s my job to help you look after your most important asset – your people.

Why not get in touch to find out how I can help you and your colleagues to perform better?