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Resilience training for charities

It may be a buzzword, but staff resilience is a hot topic in the charity sector right now, and rightly so. Times are as turbulent in the not-for-profit sector as they are in the commercial sector.

The pressure of decreased funding and conflicting agendas can filter right through your organisation, affecting individuals at every level.

  • Is the relationship between your CEO and Chair a strong and effective one?
  • Is there a common understanding of the organisations goals and focus?
  • Does information flow freely up and down the organisation?
  • Do you know if your team is delivering to the best of its abilities?

It is vital that you create a strong and resilient workforce to ensure that your charity can ride the waves of change and continue performing effectively in the face of pressure and uncertainty.

I offer bespoke training to support charities, helping to build staff resilience, improve relationships and decrease workplace stress.

From group workshops to bespoke facilitation between CEO-Chair, I can help you and your people develop the skills and know-how needed to approach change positively, manage expectations, reduce stress, function effectively and support one another without blame.

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